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Our next meeting Tuesday, August 8, 2017      7:00 P.M.  Wickiup Hill 

  • Topic: "Aquarium Communities"
  • Speaker:  Chuck Bremer (MASI & EIAA)
  • ​Public invited to attend !

 This presentation is designed for beginning and intermediate hobbyists as well as specialists.  The goal is to show how to keep more fish species in a limited area and make them all work together, in community. Incorporates many aquarium basics throughout as well as the concept of communities .

About Our Meetings

The Eastern Iowa Aquarium Association

Month Bowl Show Schedule

January - Bowl Beautiful & Guppy

February - Barbs, Rasboras & Danios

March - Goldfish & Koi

April - Sharks, Catfish & Loaches

May - Natives, Plants, & Old World Cichlids

June - Angels, Killies & Oddballs

July - no bowl show

August - Bettas & Anabantoids

September - Livebearers (no guppies) & Aquatic Animals

October - New world Cichlids (no Angelfish) & Plecostomus

November - Tetras and Rainbows

December - no bowl show

EIAA meetings

  • Second Tuesday of the month (except July & December)

  • 7 o'clock  pm
  • The Wickiup Learning Center, 10260 Morris Hills Road, Toddville, IA.

Typical agenda

  • Updates on upcoming events
  • Speaker presentation on educational topics in the aquarium hobby
  • Round table of what is happening in our tanks - Joys and The Help Desk
  • Mystery fish contest - guess the fish and win the fish
  • monthly bowl show - see schedule on this page
  • Mini auction of fish and/or plants
  • door prizes