We have added PayPal and SquareUp to accept credit card Payments at this auction. (only 3% additional fee to use credit card.) Updated 03-02-18   

We usually have 500 - 800 items up for bids.   There will be pizza , pop, candy bars and chips for sale if you get hungry.


**Next SPRING  Auction date is:  Saturday,  March 16, 2019.**                      Confirmed at the the same location:  Hiawatha Community Center!


Scroll down for list of items coming to the Auction !  



**The Hiawatha Community Center Is inside City Hall building

The Eastern Iowa Aquarium Association


It is HIGHLY recommended that you bring a Styrofoam cooler or fish box for your fish purchases.

Sellers are advised to arrive 1 hour before the auction begins to make sure their items are properly labeled.

Sellers are advised to know: a) how many items they brought to sell (this info is needed at registration so we can print your labels)

Buyers are advised to keep track (a list) of their purchases to expedite checkout at the end of the auction.

About our


Fall  ​​​​​EIAA 2018 Auction rules  (updated 9-19-2018) *****                                              

General rules:                                                                                                                                                                  Click on Blue box to download

  1. You do not need to be a member of the EIAA or any other club to buy or sell.
  2. All items are sold "AS IS". EIAA does not warrant the condition or authenticity of any item sold.                            
  3. All bidding will be in full dollar increments unless led by the auctioneer.
  4. Auction Table Markers will be dividing each table into several categories of  fish families/species.  Included are:  African Cichlids, Other Old World Cichlids, New World Cichlids, Angels & Discus, Invertebrates & Aquatic Animals, Aquatic Plants, Corydoras & Plecos, Catfish-Sharks &Loaches, Livebearers (excluding guppies),  Endlers & Guppies, Anabantoids, Killies & Rainbowfish,  Tetras-Barbs-Danios & egg scatterers,  Dry Goods, Tanks, Odd balls & Saltwater.   Tables will be marked with easily removed, bright colored painter's tape to divide each group of fish.    ITEMS WILL BE CHOSED RANDOMLY, IN EQUIVALENT AMOUNTS FROM EACH TABLE SECTION AND BROUGHT TO THE FRONT FOR AUCTION.   Please place your items on the appropriately labeled tables.  EIAA members are available to assist with identification of your fish.  
  5. Aquariums in excess of 20 gallons will be kept in a separate area for display and sale.  the intention is to prevent damage to the tanks and the people handling them.
  6. All rules are strictly enforced.  Those items not adhering to the rules will be rejected or sold last.  The auction chairperson or designated person will have sole authority over the interpretation and will enforce all rules.
  7. All persons attending this auction do so at their own risk.  Neither the Eastern Iowa Aquarium Association, it's officers, members, or any persons connected with the auction, assumes any responsibility for any loss, damage or injury or assumes liability, legal or otherwise in attending this sale.
  8. You may sell fish, live and plastic aquatic plants, and aquarium related equipment and dry goods.... a) The EIAA reserves the right to refuse to sell an obviously sick or deformed fish.  b) All equipment sold must be marked in working order or marked non-working.  c) Pack small and inexpensive dry goods items together as one.  d) Experience proves that you will get a better price for clean and complete equipment.
  9. All items must be marked Legibly with: Species Name or Product name, Quantity, and Sex (if known). The labels provided by EIAA at the registration desk will have:  Seller Number and Item Number, Seller Name, Seller Phone Number.  Items not labeled with this information will be placed on a special table and sold last.
  10. No BAP or HAP items will be sold at this auction.  (Reason: these treasures should be available to members only at the general membership meetings mini-auction.
  11. No more than 5 bags of any color variety of fish will be allowed from one HOUSEHOLD.  (Too many bags of the same color variety just drive down the prices.)
  12. Proper fish bagging is required.  Double bagging is highly recommended.  No Zip-lock bags or Baggies are allowed.  EIAA will charge the seller a fee of $1.00 for any fish bag that needs re-bagging.  An EIAA member will be available at the re-bagging table through-out the auction.
  13. Auction Split: EIAA will retain the first $1.00 of the sale plus 20% of the price exceeding the first $1.00.  All sales of $1.00 will be considered a donation to EIAA.  a) the EIAA reserves the right to pay all sellers by check within one month after the sale. (Usually 10 days - 2 weeks)
  14. Minimum prices: You may set a minimum bid price on your fish or equipment.  To do so, you must obtain a Minimum Bid Sticker at the registration table.  The cost for minimum bid sticker is $2.00 each.  We will make two attempts to reach your minimum bid.  If we fail to reach the price, we will set the item aside, and you much pick up the item at the end of the auction.
  15. ALL buyers will be required to deposit a driver's license for their buyer number.
  16. Each item will be sold to the highest bidder.  the auctioneer  will settle any disputes as to the bids and his decision on such matters will be final. 
  17. All items become the buyer's responsibility once they are sold and EIAA  assumes no responsibility for sold items.
  18. **The EIAA will be accepting cash and checks for payment.  A $35.00 fee will be charged for any non-sufficient funds or returned check.  Refusal to pay bad checks and fee will result in prosecution.
  19. CALL-UPS: No Call-ups will be allowed the first two (2) hours of the auction.  After the first two hours, for a $2.00 fee, any registered buyer or seller may have an item called up for the sale.  You must obtain a special COLORED call-up ticket available only at the registration table.  Take this colored ticket to a runner. The runner will take the item up to the auctioneer.  the $2.00 fee is assessed to whomever calls the item up for bid, whether or not the individual calling an item up wins the bid.   Call-ups will be charged to their bidding number.  
  20. **We have moved to a BarCode System  of  printing labels.    Early SELLER registration is strongly encouraged to prevent delays on Saturday morning.   Our goal is to have as many Seller's labels, as possible,  printed by the day before the auction begins. 
  21. **To Pre-Register, Contact:    Marti VanAllen   at: mjvanallen321@gmail.com      OR :  call/text  319-530-3687  (Auction Chairperson)
  22. **Information needed to Pre-Register:  Name, Address, Cell phone #, Email Address and number of labels you need.
  23. **There is a new  40 (forty) item label limit per HOUSEHOLD.   Bundle smaller dry-goods together.  Bring your best fish and dry goods.  Labels are available in sheets of 20 barcoded labels .  See Rule #9 regarding item labels.
  24. Download the new rules at   Auctions  ,  on this website,   www.finflap.com  

A Variety of tropical fish, aquatic plants, tank and supplies will be up for bid at the EIAA Auction held twice each year.

Next auction is in the Fall.

  • Saturday, March 16, 2019 
  • Hiawatha Community Center 101 Emmons Street, Hiawatha, IA

easy access from I-380 just north of Cedar Rapids, Iowa

from BlairsFerry Road exit - see map

  • Viewing at 9 am
  • Bidding starts at 10 am
  • Seller registration is available in advance.
  • See complete rules below
  • *Scroll down to see items that
  • ​are coming to the auction. *