EIAA members are as diverse as the aquarium hobby itself.  

EIAA is affiliated with FAAS - the Federation of American Aquarium Societies.  We exchange newsletters with aquarium clubs across the United States and Canada each month.  They are kept on file for members to view.

Individually, EIAA members bring wisdom from organizations they belong to including but not limited to:

AKA - American Killifish Association                               ACA - American Cichlid Association

ALA - American Livebearer Association                            IBC - International Betta Conference

NANFA -  North American Native Fishes Association      GAIC - Guppy Associates International Chicago

TAS - The Angelfish Society                                              GIRS - Greater Iowa Reef Society

AGA - Aquatic Gardeners Association                               EIPS - Eastern Iowa Pond Society

About EIAA

who we are 

Our Officers 2018 

President - Tom Van Zante 

Vice-President - Brock Grimm

2nd Vice-President - Craig Thoreson

Secretary - Marti VanAllen 

Treasurer - Lee Van Hyfte  

You can contact our board at:


    P.O. Box 2327

    Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52406