American Livebearers Association 

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Our next general meeting is on Tuesday, November 13, 2018 at 7:00 p.m., at Wickiup Hill Outdoor Learning Center, 10260 Morris Hills Rd., Toddville, Iowa.

Christmas Party

To read the new, updated Horticultural Awards Program rules,  click on ABOUT US, 

Then click on Award Programs, Choose: HAP Rules, HAP Form, and HAP Classifications.  

Grow some aquatic plants, report on the propagation and win prizes.


  Saturday,  March 16, 2019

​Is our next auction.  Mark your calendars !




The Eastern Iowa Aquarium Association

is a non-profit organization to promote the Tropical and Marine Fish keeping hobby

with an emphasis on education and fellowship.

Since 1982 The Eastern Iowa Aquarium Association has worked to disseminate helpful information throughout the fish keeping community.  EIAA is for everyone with an interest in fish keeping. 

EIAA is for YOU!